Sage Safaris offers one of the finest, Orvis-endorsed, upland bird hunting opportunities. Often referred to as America’s Serengeti, the sagebrush plains of Northern Montana offer excellent habitat for an incredible diversity of wildlife.  Our nearly 40,000 acres of open land is home to a variety of wild birds including Sharp-Tailed Grouse, Hungarian Partridge, and Pheasants. Our natural habitat is a mixture of cropland and native plants, traversed by meandering waterways, making it ideal for upland game. 

The upland bird hunting season at Sage Safaris runs from the beginning of September through the end of November.  The wildlife is just that – wild – so the hunting will be challenging and unpredictable.  We suggest a minimum of 3 days to ensure the most successful hunting experience.   

Our seasoned, experienced guides and highly trained dogs will lead you across the Montana prairie in search of upland game.  You may prefer to bring your own dogs, however, and we welcome you to do so.  We promise you our undivided attention.  You will be the only group hunting with us during the duration of your stay so that we can make every effort to provide you with the experience you desire. 
License Requirements:

Montana non-residents require a non-resident upland game license to hunt upland game at Sage Safaris. If you do not already have the relevant Montana licenses we will be very happy to arrange them for you.  Licenses can either be purchased from a Montana sporting goods dealer or from the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks online licensing system.
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