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Day/Evening Excursions:

Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge
Located 2 ½ hours to the south east of Sage Safaris lies one of the most impressive spectacles of rutting Elk in North America. From mid-September to mid-October this refuge on the Missouri river comes alive with the characteristic rutting calls of bull Elk. Large herds are visible around dawn and dusk displaying typical behavior of the rutting season with bulls challenging each other and maintaining their harems.

An afternoon/evening trip including transportation, guide, and sundowner picnic, $100 per person (minimum of 2 required)
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Havre Beneath the Streets
For those wondering what the Wild West was really like, this museum reenacts life in Havre 100 years ago. It offers excellent guided tours showcasing some of the area’s history and more intriguing historical characters. This tour lasts about 1-2 hours and can be scheduled nearly anytime during your visit.
A tour including transportation to and from Havre is $30 per person (minimum of 2 people required)

For more information about Havre beneath the Streets click here.

Native American Archeological Sites:
All within easy reach of Sage Safaris are some intriguing sites for those interested in Native American History.

Wahkpa Chu'gn Buffalo Jump:
Located just 30 minutes to the South, Wahkpa Chu’gn (pronounced walk-pa-chew- gun) is the most extensive and best preserved Native American hunting ground buffalo bone deposit in the Northern Great Plains. Discovered in the fall of 1961, the site has been kept in its natural state. Extensive archaeological materials are accessible for public viewing and are displayed in place at five locations throughout the site. (available beggining of September only)

For more information about Wahkpa Chu'gn Buffalo Jump click here

Bear Paw Battlefield National Historic Park:
Located about an hour to the south east of Sage Safaris the Bear Paw Battlefield commemorates the final battle of the Nez Perce War of 1877. Nearly 800 Nez Perce Native Americans spent the summer fleeing U.S. Army troops. Following a five-day battle and siege, the Nez Perce ceased fighting here on October 5th, 1877 when Chief Joseph surrendered. A 1 ¼ mile interpretive trail now winds through the battlefield. (Weather dependant)

For further information about Bear Paw Battlefield click here

A combined full day tour to Wahkpa Chu'gn Buffalo Jump and Bear Paw Battlefield including a walk through some of the abandoned teepee rings remaining at Sage Safaris plus all transportation, guide and picnic lunch $80 per person. (Minimum of 2 people required)

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